Why give to the Kewanee Area United Way? The main goal is to address the root causes of poverty in our county.


Part of being a caring member of your community is speaking up for the people, causes, and concerns that matter. 


Volunteering for a cause, organization or person that you believe in lets you contribute in a very personal way.  Be a Game Changer. 

There are many opportunities now and throughout the year where you can volunteer.  You are an asset, your ideas, your time, and your gifts are more valuable than you know!

Become a Board Member - join the KAUW Board of Directors to guide KAUW in the direction that best benefits Henry and Stark Counties.

Volunteer your time - Volunteer to help out with office projects from folding letters to helping in the Annual Fundraising Campaign to distributing supplies to schools, agencies and the community at large.  If you have a specific interest that will benefit the 3 impact areas of United Way, financial well being, Education, and Physical/ Mental Health, you can support your community and raise both the level of well being in our communities and improve those communities overall.

Join the Fundraising team to raise money for the 16 or more agencies KAUW supports each year as well as emergency funding for community impact work, libraries for children, emergency supplies in times of crisis, or personal interests of your choice.  

Provide in-kind donations like gift certificates from your business or cash donations for a specific fundraising event.

Join us at the Kewanee Area United Way and help direct the future!

Improving The Greater Henry & Stark County Area

For over half of a century, KAUW has been bringing people and resources together to improve lives within our communities. We are a leading private health and human services partner working with 16 local agencies. 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Policy

“Equity is the intentional inclusion of everyone in society.  Equity is achieved when systemic, institutional, and historical barriers based on race as well as other factors are dismantled and no longer predicate socioeconomic, education and health outcomes"

To this end, Kewanee Area United Way (KAUW) Policy commits:

To strive to engage all levels of the communities KAUW serves to achieve inclusion in Kewanee Area United Way; evaluate the equitable inclusion of all segments of the population that KAUW serves during selection of vendors; evaluate the equitable inclusion of all segments of the population that partner agencies serve during the yearly grant award selections; equitably make available resources, programs, etc. to all segments of the population that KAUW serves; to encourage the dismantling of any historical disenfranchisement of any segment of the population served by KAUW and to review this policy at least once every three years and display this policy on the KAUW social media outlets, including”

KAUW further commits to work with residents as well as public and private partners to create solutions so that the communities served, have the resources, support, and opportunity to achieve financial stability, reach educational goals and standards and maintain healthy lifestyles through awareness and advocacy.


Giving to the Kewanee Area United Way Campaign provides a way for people to give back to their community and help neighbors in time of need.  To donate through the website, click on the HOW YOU CAN HELP tab.


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Kewanee Area United Way works with government, non-profit and for profit organizations to form collaborations and partnerships.

We ensure that your dollars are used efficiently and effectively to address the root causes of poverty in our local community. We do this by striving to eliminate duplications of service.

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Our Programs

We are a community-based, non-profit support organization which motivates and inspires people to make a difference. We work together with our neighbors and local non- profit agencies to identify the unmet needs in our area.



Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of abuse, or someone struggling with mental illness or an addiction...

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Through Kewanee Area United Way's partnership with FamilyWize, free prescription discount cards are available for our residents. 

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