COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Mission: The mission of KAUW during the current COVOD 19 Pandemic for the residents of Henry and Stark counties is to provide non-perishable food, cleaning and hygiene. Criteria for assistance is as follows. Please note that the following criteria excludes the provision of non-perishable food for those who are currently receiving food assistance from any pantry.

Provision of emergency supplies will be provided for those who have:

  • An immediate need due to the shelter-in-place government mandate in Illinois;
  • Financial instability due to loss of income with no financial reserves;
  • Individual/family that has been negatively affected financially by school closures, or additional family members in sheltering in the household due to the-shelter-in place mandate;
  • Anyone 60 and over or who is at increased risk due to immuno-compromised health who must shelter-in-place necessitating home delivery of basic supplies;
  • Anyone whose income is currently inadequate to sustain basic food/cleaning and hygiene supplies and not receiving assistance from other resources, or agencies;
  • Family need due to closure of other facilities normally available;

NOTE: Priority of available resources will be given to those most vulnerable, e.g. families with children not on the school meal plan (out of school or under school age) or not receiving other assistance excluding SNAP, and to those over 60 years of age or who are immuno-compromised with no support mechanism in place.

Not included:

  • Anyone who has obtained emergency assistance from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, churches, Goodwill or any other agency or business that has stepped into the breach to help and sustain Henry and Stark County residents. Duplication of provisions is to be avoided in order to sustain and assist as many of those in need of emergency assistance during this pandemic;
  • Anyone who has resources to purchase the necessary food, cleaning and hygiene supplies;
  • Anyone who engages in or has engaged in profiteering or there is proof of deceit.


  • Anyone at poverty level or below or has been impoverished due to layoff, loss of job, or is experiencing financial crisis due to the restrictions in place from Covid-19;
  • Applicants cannot be receiving benefits from any other source such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, Red Cross, food pantries, etc. (excludes SNAP).

Announcements will be made as to sign up days, and date of Pickup. Listen to the radio announcements through Regional Media; Star Courier and on the Kewanee Area United Way Facebook page.

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